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  • cameron cameron Nov 28, 2012 1:53 AM Flag

    Vincent Jackson or Davone Bess

    if you cant answer this question yourself you should not be playing fantasy football

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    • That's rough, man. Not everyone is a stat freak and they come in here cuz it's fun to ask what others think. Sometimes you hear a perspective that's fresh, Sometimes the questions aren't something you would ask, but ease up, it's a game.

      btw, John, although Bess is having a good couple of games and Tannehill seems to be getting it, right now, neither is a star. In the league I've got up in the window right now, VJ is #10 WR and Bess is #42 over next 4 weeks. The Freeman to VJax connection is a good one and occasionally it just goes off. I own him in two leagues and would simply like more tds. Go with VJAX and good luck.

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      • thanks for the assist man was just looking for second opinion and u gave it to me..i had a pretty good idea where to go but match ups favored bess even though v jackson is more consistently reliable over the season...the other guy is just hating because he has nothing better to do with his time..Again thanks