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  • ChrisM ChrisM Nov 26, 2012 10:18 PM Flag

    steve johnson fumble recovery

    Both Stevie AND Buffalo D get credit. Same logic as when Percy Harvin returns a kickoff for TD. Both the MN Def/special teams and the individual player get credit. By the way, if Stevie would have scored a TD on that recovery, it would be a Defensive TD as well as a Stevie Johnson TD.

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    • You're wrong. Not unless you have IDP. I own Stevie. WR and RB's do NOT get credit for a fumble recovery if the qb Coughs it up and the jump on it. Not unless you have IDP.

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      • I wish it was as ChrisM described it but JohnD has it correctly for non-IDP leagues. Just go to Yahoo help and look up Def/ST scoring, fumble recoveries and so on.

        Tell the owner this is based on Yahoo's scoring system not you.You could put it up to a league vote to make these scoring changes for plays like this for next season but, as Igo said, changing things for this particular play opens up many other scenarios that could also be changed.

      • Dude, that goes without saying. If you dont have IDP, the only stat for a fumble recovery is to the Defense as a whole.

        I didnt see the specific play but if he recovered a Buffalo fumble, there should be no reward even WITH IDP because he is not a defensive player unless Indy takes possession, they fumble, and Stevie recovers all on the same play.

        For instance:
        1) QB throws INT, Stevie strips the ball, runs for TD (Defensive TD)
        2) QB fumbles Stevie picks it up and runs for TD (offensive TD)


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