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  • Larry Larry Nov 26, 2012 6:51 PM Flag


    i disagree it should definitively be kept how it is. If you are truly a better team you should have more total points not just the weeks you play each other.

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    • pretty sure baseball and hockey yahoo fantasy seasons ties comedown to match-up..
      and like the real nfl it comes down to match-up not points..and if you beat a team by
      1 or 191 its still a win..the win is not worth anymore or less.. its a win..yahoo creating this point system for ties is fundamentally flawed..

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      • I've had the same argument in my fantasy baseball league. It's a H2H league with 12 scoring categories, but each category counted as a separate game, so a team that wins a week 10-2 has a better record than a team that went 8-4, even though both teams won just that one week. Personally, I don't like rankings dependent on points scored because a close win is just as good as a blowout win. The only way I could possibly see points scored come into play is as a tiebreaker at the end of the season, but tiebreakers based on H2H matchups is not a terrible idea.

      • Real NFL comes down to matchups because when each team are playing head to head they are both trying to score AND trying to stop the other team from scoring. Carolina just scored 30 points against Philly tonight, would you say they would drop those points against the Bears or 49ers? Doubt it. So you can't go solely on points scored in the real NFL. Matchups mean something. However, in fantasy your opponent is going to score those amount of points whether he is facing you or not, so matchups don't mean anything in that sense. It is much better to measure your team based on how many points it has scored over the season than on your record. Sometimes the record reflects the points, sometimes it doesn't and it goes both ways.


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