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  • J J Nov 26, 2012 10:42 AM Flag

    Edelman Special Teams TD

    Hey Anas: me too. I am down 5. This is the difference between winning and losing. I understand the rule, but it is kind of gray-area-garbage. Every league uses IOP's (Individual Offensive Players), which Edelman is. I don't really care how he scores, so long as he receives credit.

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    • White Mountain Palookas White Mountain Palookas Nov 26, 2012 10:46 AM Flag

      So, what you're saying is, if your opponent happened to have BOTH Edelman and the Pats DEF/ST, they should be each credited for the TD for a total of 14 points (6 for Edelman's TD, 6 for Pats TD, and 2 for Edelman's fumble recovery)? If you had just the Pats DEF, wouldn't you expect to get the points, and not Edelman? Gotta choose one way to score it, and Yahoo did.

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      • It's not a defensive touchdown, it's a special teams touchdown. I have Percy Harvin, too. Why should a DST get return points while the returner gets them? Isn't it the same issue? What if I had both Harvin and Minnesota DST? I would get 12 points for a return touchdown in that situation, so why not the other way? If a player scores and is in the starting lineup, he should be credited the points. The reality is that I will not get the points--weird things happen that can't always be foreseen. In the future, should DST's not get punt/kickoff return points at all as a default setting? Any thoughts?

    • Looks like it wont matter for me. I lost by 3. I had Nicks, Nelson, and Tynes in last nights game and went into the fourth quarter down by 3. I thought I had it locked up but guess not!


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