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  • Di B Di B Nov 26, 2012 4:25 PM Flag

    is ANYONE starting Jordy Nelson? seems like a big risk to me.....

    ...point in case....last night's game!!!

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    • Case in point (LOL) - you might actually have had one (a case that is) if Nelson had not bothered to show up, but I really wouldn't complain with 2 catches for 71 yds and a TD. It didn't seem like a big risk before the game and doesn't look like one afterwords either. You need to compare a player's performance against his resume over the course of several games rather than second guessing against players that have just recently emerged and have been hard to trust until recently (e.g., Blackmon has been a bum all season until the last two weeks and while Shorts has been pretty consistent over the past several weeks, I still wouldn't rank him above Nelson on any given Sunday). Depending on your league's scoring method, there wasn't that much of a difference between Nelson and the other two guys - so if you're complaining after the fact because you lost BY 3 POINTS - for a player who did have respectable production, then maybe you need to really look at who else on your team did not produce for you. It's a team and should not come down to a single player choice. I did not want to take a chance (again) on a presumably gimpy Julio Jones and sat him down (be regret after the fact there) but managed to have a strong enough lineup that it didn't cost me (Bryce Brown and the St. Louis Defense stepped it up for me).

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      • BTW after re-reading your original post - regardless of the fact that you already lost - I assume you started Nelson, Blackmon, and Shorts. In that case, you could have not have done better because if you started Smith for either of the two Jags you would have lost also. So bottom line, Jordy wasn't your risk, Smith was. Bottom line, after its all said and done, is that your whole line of reasoning and complaining before and after makes no sense.


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