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  • Glenn Glenn Nov 20, 2012 2:08 PM Flag

    Is Maclin worth keeping? Or abandon ship on all Eagles? Help me and I'll help you.

    Maclin screwed me over this past week by putting up a giant goose egg with no catches. In the current state of the Eagles' offense, is it worth it to keep Maclin? Or should I drop him for a guy like Justin Blackmon or T.Y. Hilton? If yes, then who gets the pick up? My other WRs in this PPR league are Demaryius Thomas, Lance Moore, and Torrey Smith.

    Alternative question: Would you pick up both of them and drop Maclin and Ryan Fitzpatrick? This league is a 2 QB league and my primary QBs are Matt Ryan and Tom Brady. I only had Fitzpatrick to cover bye weeks, but with those weeks behind us, can you envision a time when I would start Fitzpatrick over Ryan or Brady? This size of my bench is not very big so I could use all the space that I can get.

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    • Eagles run game is a buy... At this point Eagles passing game is pure speculation.

    • I would say no. If anyone on the Eagles offense is worth keeping, it'd be DeSean Jackson before Maclin. I'd start DT and Lance Moore for sure; Torrey Smith is frustrating because he's really hit-or-miss. I'd say Hilton, but if you want to take a gamble, consider J. Edelman, he's very similar to Welker; with Gronk out, look for him to get more opportunity.

    • I also have Maclin in my league. Screwed me up big time last week. I grabbed TY Hilton and will be starting him alongside Roddy White this week. No more Maclin for me.

      Check out my "Keeper League Controversy" post and weigh in. Thanks!

    • Anyone?

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      • drop him for sure. dont think blackmon will have the same game this week i would go with hilton. im also abandoning ship for eagles players. check my post please

      • I would drop him and pick up Hilton. J-ville is terrible and blackmon won't do what he did last week again. At least Hilton has a good qb and some upside. I wouldn't drop fitzpatrick just in case of injury or something crazy that would leave you kind of screwed, unless there are decent options in FA wire. I have a situation currently that I could use some help on too.

        I am trying to decide whether to bail on Shady McCoy and try to make a trade before the deadline. I have McFadden/Reece/Sproles currently. I was thinking about offering mccoy/amendola for CJ2K/Nicks. Is this a good trade? I'm in first place by two games w/2 to go in my league, but I'm trying to build for the playoffs. I'm worried that the eagles will pull the plug on mccoy if the eagles are down at the end of the season. What do you think?


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