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  • Jason B Jason B Nov 19, 2012 9:01 PM Flag

    Rate My FFB Moves! Best Team Ever!

    Not one to brag but I think I may have the best FFB ever following my draft and 3 trades in my 10 team league. Drafted 1. Calvin Johnson (WR) 2. L. Fitzgerald (WR) 3. J. Jones (WR) 4. T. Richardson (RB) 5. M. Ryan (QB) 6. M. Turner (RB) 7. V. Jackson (WR) 8. T. Gonzalez (TE) and so on.

    Trade #1 After Week 2: Sent Michael Turner and Danny Amendola (waiver pickup) for Cedric Benson and Michael Crabtree. Don't really like Turner or the number of Falcons I had and had high hopes for Benson (not happy about Amendola but more later)

    Trade #2 Week 6: Sent Crabtree off for Chris Johnson. This was when CJ2K was still in a down turn but was great in Week 6 and on.

    Found Amendola on the Waiver Wire 2 weeks before his return to action and picked him back up as well as Picking Up Marcel Reese

    Trade #3 Week 11 (Deadline) Sent CJ2K, Dalton (QB) and Jacquizz Rogers off for Lesean McCoy and Chicago Bears Def.

    I am in 3rd currently with the highest point total and a clear path to 1st place in the next 2 weeks (150+ projections 12, 13). Put up 211 points in week 10, easily won despite 2 points from Ryan in Week 11.

    Line Up Going Forward:

    QB Ryan
    WR C. Johnson
    WR J. Jones
    RB L. McCoy
    RB T. Richardson
    TE T. Gonzalez
    W/T V. Jackson
    W/R Fitzgerald/Amendola
    DEF Chicago Bears
    Using Justin Tucker as a servicable Kicker

    Thoughts? Can anyone compete?

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    • Not even close to the best team ever, let alone this year. My 10 team Bar league for this year:
      2nd overall pick, 1.R.Rice, 2.D.Murray, 3.R.Gronkowski, 4.B.Marshall, 5.J.Charles, 6.S.Smith, 7.D.Martin, 8.J.Freeman, 9.D.Bowe, 10.RGIII, 11.R.Wayne 12.D.Moore 13.D.Brown 14.K.Smith

      After week 1, I picked up A.Morris and then traded Kevin Smith(RB), D.Murray(RB), D.Bowe(WR) for R.White(WR), J.Stewart(RB), A.Boldin(WR). Dropped Stewart after week 2 and picked up M.Leshoure

      I'm 11-0 right now, 129.54 points more then any other team and clinched #1 overall.
      My roster going forward is:

      QB RGIII (#2 QB)
      RB D. Martin (#1 RB)
      WR B.Marshall (#2WR)
      WR R.Wayne (#4WR)
      TE R.Gronkowski (#1 TE)
      W/T R.White(#6WR)
      W/T/R R.Rice (#4RB)

      I've also have 3 RB in the top 20 sitting on my bench
      Just need to find a replacement for Gronk now :(

      But I'll submit the following for best team ever:

      1998 - 12 team league $100/team

      QB - B.Favre (#3 QB)
      RB - T. Davis (#1 RB)*
      RB - F.Taylor^ (#4 RB)
      WR - R.Moss^ (#1 WR)
      WR - E.Moulds (#4 WR)
      WR - R.Smith (#8 WR)*
      TE - S.Sharpe (#1 TE)

      * Aquired by trading T.Green(#6QB), M.Faulk(#3RB), C.Martin(#7RB), J.Smith(#11WR), T.Brown(#15wr)

      Had a great draft that year. 1. M.Faulk(RB) 2. C.Martin(RB) 3. R.Moss^(WR) 4. J.Smith(WR)
      5. S.Young(QB) 6.S.Sharpe(TE) 7. F.Taylor^(RB) 8. T.Brown(WR) 9. T.Green(QB)
      10. E.Moulds(WR)

      Started the season 7-0. The owner of T.Davis/R.Smith had no one else on their roster and was 1-6 and getting blown-out every week. Had been trying to get Davis off this guy for a couple weeks and he finally accepted after week 7. Had 1 owner protest the trade because "you can't trade the #1 overall pick in the draft" and felt I was taking advantage of the last place team. Had a couple of other owners object too based on my team being too strong and would breeze to the championship.
      Well, the team I traded with went on to win his last 6 games, including giving me my only loss of the year, and made it into the playoffs as the #6 seed. He then upset the #3 seed (the team that thought I was taking advantage of him) before losing to me in the semi-finals.

    • Decent team, but Ive seen much better, you might finish 3rd in our league.


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