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  • Eulogys Eulogys Nov 20, 2012 2:55 AM Flag

    Rate My FFB Moves! Best Team Ever!

    Not even close to the best team ever, let alone this year. My 10 team Bar league for this year:
    2nd overall pick, 1.R.Rice, 2.D.Murray, 3.R.Gronkowski, 4.B.Marshall, 5.J.Charles, 6.S.Smith, 7.D.Martin, 8.J.Freeman, 9.D.Bowe, 10.RGIII, 11.R.Wayne 12.D.Moore 13.D.Brown 14.K.Smith

    After week 1, I picked up A.Morris and then traded Kevin Smith(RB), D.Murray(RB), D.Bowe(WR) for R.White(WR), J.Stewart(RB), A.Boldin(WR). Dropped Stewart after week 2 and picked up M.Leshoure

    I'm 11-0 right now, 129.54 points more then any other team and clinched #1 overall.
    My roster going forward is:

    QB RGIII (#2 QB)
    RB D. Martin (#1 RB)
    WR B.Marshall (#2WR)
    WR R.Wayne (#4WR)
    TE R.Gronkowski (#1 TE)
    W/T R.White(#6WR)
    W/T/R R.Rice (#4RB)

    I've also have 3 RB in the top 20 sitting on my bench
    Just need to find a replacement for Gronk now :(

    But I'll submit the following for best team ever:

    1998 - 12 team league $100/team

    QB - B.Favre (#3 QB)
    RB - T. Davis (#1 RB)*
    RB - F.Taylor^ (#4 RB)
    WR - R.Moss^ (#1 WR)
    WR - E.Moulds (#4 WR)
    WR - R.Smith (#8 WR)*
    TE - S.Sharpe (#1 TE)

    * Aquired by trading T.Green(#6QB), M.Faulk(#3RB), C.Martin(#7RB), J.Smith(#11WR), T.Brown(#15wr)

    Had a great draft that year. 1. M.Faulk(RB) 2. C.Martin(RB) 3. R.Moss^(WR) 4. J.Smith(WR)
    5. S.Young(QB) 6.S.Sharpe(TE) 7. F.Taylor^(RB) 8. T.Brown(WR) 9. T.Green(QB)
    10. E.Moulds(WR)

    Started the season 7-0. The owner of T.Davis/R.Smith had no one else on their roster and was 1-6 and getting blown-out every week. Had been trying to get Davis off this guy for a couple weeks and he finally accepted after week 7. Had 1 owner protest the trade because "you can't trade the #1 overall pick in the draft" and felt I was taking advantage of the last place team. Had a couple of other owners object too based on my team being too strong and would breeze to the championship.
    Well, the team I traded with went on to win his last 6 games, including giving me my only loss of the year, and made it into the playoffs as the #6 seed. He then upset the #3 seed (the team that thought I was taking advantage of him) before losing to me in the semi-finals.


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