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    Should I be able to rescind my trade?

    Over the weekend i made a trade to give away Marshawn Lynch for LeSean McCoy. The trade has been accepted but has not gone through yet because of Sunday's game. Considering that we have not received each other's players yet and that McCoy got injured mid-game earlier today, should i be able to take back the trade? In order to do so, the commissioner has to revoke the trade, not me.

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    • Absolutely not. If you were concerned about players getting hurt you shouldn't have accepted the trade during a time frame that it would not go through until after this week. It's the old 'hindsight is 20-20" adage. Looking back, sure you don't want to make that deal now, but at the time the 'accept' button was pushed it was a good deal and you can't look back now and try to cancel it.

      Never make a trade that gets processed after a week is over. Either do it early in the week or wait until the games are over to accept it.

    • I only do trades between Mon and Thurs, if they are not accepted by Thurs night, I cancel it. Was always afraid something like this would happen, or have the trade on the table, his guy gets hurt and then he accepts it faster than I could pull back on it. Just think of it as a lesson learned.

    • no. have you ever heard of this thing called honor? or ethics? or keeping your word and not 'welching' on a deal? i'd be embarassed to ask the question.

    • it sucks for you, but you can't go back on it. i had the same situation with forte last year, except i had just traded him away right before he hurt his ankle, bad break for you, lucky for the other guy

    • No you cant rescind the trade. You made the trade and have to deal with anything that happens once its accepted.

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      • Lesson of the Day: Never ever make a trade offer, or accept a trade offer, until the players have played.

        In addition, if you offer a trade on a Monday, and it's not accepted by Wednesday, cancel it and then offer again on the following Monday. You can cancel if the other party hasn't accepted. But once it's accepted, it is final.

        Bummer to be you right about now.


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