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  • BatDaddy BatDaddy Nov 17, 2012 11:36 AM Flag

    Roster Help Please

    8-team, standard scoring league.

    Ray Rice, LeShoure, MJD, FJax, Shonn Greene, Andre Brown
    Decker, D.Moore, DJax, Nicks
    Gonzalez, Witten
    SanFran D

    This is going to sound crazy, but I really want to pickup Blair Walsh off waivers for the future. He's the 2nd highest scoring kicker in the league, nearly 20 points higher than Hanson whom I currently have. Is Witten droppable in an 8 team league since I have Goz? I tried to trade Witten but got no bites, and now the trade deadline has passed. I'm also considering dropping FJax or LeShoure to add some depth at WR (Andre Roberts is out there, Lloyd, Garcon if he does ok this week).

    Am I nuts? Or do I just hope that Walsh stays on the wire, and try and grab him next week and drop Hanson?

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    • i wouldnt waste a waiver on a kicker first off. but definitely pick him up if you like him, hanson should do well this week. i would say witten is droppable only because you have gonzo and only if the wr you are hoping to replace him with is worthy. i dont think andre roberts or brandon lloyd qualify, but garcon might be worth a shot. you are kind of weak at RB in my opinion even though you have depth. FJax would be worth dropping for garcon or another qualified WR.

      please help me i replied to your helpful comment.

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      • How many RB can you play first of all? Can you play both TE? If i had to choose a back to drop i would drop brown or leshoure. Leshoure doesnt have an easy run schedule left. You got a solid WR core. Altho Decker is really a TD or bust kinda guy. Moore is a stud in the making. I would make a move for blair walsh. I am a firm believer in every point counts. Altho hanson and the lions are on the upswing. I would drop andre brown for walsh if i had to choose. NYG are not a good running football team. Last year werent they dead last in rushing?


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