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  • Phil Phil Nov 16, 2012 11:03 PM Flag

    please help me with free agency. i will answer any questions

    fitz, cruz, harvin, avery, garcon, cobb
    m. reece, mendenhall, turner
    owen daniels
    mike nugent
    chicago d

    should i pick up hillman, starks, or ballard from free agency? who should i drop?

    thank you very much

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    • You should have long ago traded Fitz with his terrible schedule upcomming and tride to get someone like Reggie Bush or something. You are screwed at rb. So many plug and play WR like DHB you can plug and play as needed. MAKE A TRADE OF YOU CAN. If not um sorry?

    • Unless you're in a 1 RB &/or 4 WR league this is an imbalanced team: thin and weak at RB and overly deep at WR. Im surprised you haven't traded WRs for RB help. This late in the season I would look to trim at WR and handcuff your RBs and, if you're not beyond the trading deadline, try trading a WR or 3 for more RB depth. Reece has a shelf life of 1 to 2 games and then is useless so add Goodson or, better yet, RunDMC by trade. Turner is ineffective and could lose his starting gig at any time, so pick up Rodgers. Mendenhall has played exactly one healthy game all season, so add Dwyer. Avery is an obvious drop. Good luck.

    • Starks for sure, but be on the lookout for Hillman if McGahee's fumble issues continue. You should drop Avery or Garcon - if you've held on to Garcon for this long then you should probably hold onto him to see how he does this week. However, if you start 3 WRs then you probably have to drop Garcon because personally I wouldn't start him over Avery this week. You really can't drop Turner yet, he's been pretty solid most of the year even though his role might be declining. Plus you can never have too many RBs.

      Can you give me input on my question? It's under "Roster Help Please." Thanks.

    • starks because he is the starter. Brown is coming back so Ballard is losing value and Hillman still has Willis. Can you answer my Big Trade Advice! prop please?


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