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  • Ol' Blues Ol' Blues Nov 17, 2012 8:20 PM Flag

    Quick comment about Hernandez

    Odd post. Coaches lie routinely and it's a significant part of their jobs to lie convincingly. A DC can scheme much more effectively against an offense knowing an impact player like Hernandez is unavailable. As Holmgren famously told a reporter in Seattle some years ago "a big part of my job description is not only to lie, but to lie effectively." Get used to it. It's part of the game. Always has been. Always will be.

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    • No, Belichek is abusing the whole purpose of the injury report. He always has half his roster listed as questionable/doubtful and all but 1 or 2 end up playing unhindered every.... single..... game...... It throws up a red flag that he is full of #$%$ and the NFL needs to step in and rip him a new one like they did with spygate. If the player is doubtful then don't have him fake a limited practice 3 times in a week and then rule him out. I understand the man is getting desperate for another ring but come the #$%$ on..... When you are 1 of maybe 2-3 HC's that continually pulls this #$%$ you deserve an #$%$ whooping.

      What these guys are doing isn't the normal secret squirrel stuff that every HC pulls on a daily basis. That's the stuff I am fine with. It's when they string together these elaborate lies and have the players in collusion to continually scam the injury report that you see a problem. You may appreciate the lying but I can guarantee you a vast majority of football fans are tired of it.

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      • Wow! You apparently seriously believe the Harbaughs when one talks up Randy Moss as being the second coming of Jerry Rice and the other says with a straight face that the Ravens are going to "pound the rock" against the Raiders? Lying is part of the art of being an NFL coach. All of them do it. It's just the Pats do it with injuries and the others have their own nefarious methods. Get used to it and get over complaining about it. Reading the tea leaves is part of what makes fantasy football fun.


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