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  • Tony Tony Nov 16, 2012 7:43 AM Flag

    ATTN Arian Foster Owners!! Question for you!

    Is anybody concerned about Houston running the table the rest of the way and being 13-1, then starting to rest Foster during the fantasy playoffs (week 15 and 16)? It seems unlikely considering he's been the man for them all season but Houston has an easy schedule and may decide to cut back on his carries down the stretch. Is anybody else concerned about this?

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    • Look at it this way, the Texans have kept Foster in the game during blowouts on a consistant basis. I don't think they're going to sit him down late in the year because a) he'll want to play, b) there's a good chance he could be in the running for the rushing title, c) Tate continues to be injured and Forsett won't be their featured back in any game. Plus if they do run the table they'll have a bye week for the first week of the playoffs, I highly doubt they want Foster sitting for two straight weeks before a playoff game.

      Don't stress it, he'll be fine.

    • Try having your playoffs go to week 17. Then you are concerned about everything (e.g., does Peyton even suit up?).

    • i would say yes..colts realld doing good.but houston will def end up doing that..especially with foster racking up so many carries early on and them having tate..assuming he gets healthy to take some carries away so as to rest foster for playoffs

    • Nope cause if they lose two games against the colts at the end of the year they lose the division win.


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