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  • JACbauer JACbauer Nov 15, 2012 11:22 AM Flag

    Reggie Bush for Andre Johnson straight up, who wins?

    these last minute deals before the deadline will be the death of me

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    • extra info: im in first and shoring up for the playoffs. WRs:Stevie Johnson, Nicks and Roddy White. RBS: AP, Bush, Mendenhall, Mcgahee. think it helps me ?

    • tough to say. both having iffy years. But bush is starting to lose carries to thomas.
      However if it helps, today i just traded away bush for reggie wayne.

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      • This depends on your leagues settings. (for ex: how many rbs / wrs start and points)

        You're wrs are pretty solid. I think Stevie Johnson is pretty undervalued by people, especially sense hes got good matchups ahead. Roddy Whites a stud and Nicks will hopefully start beasting again. At the moment I would say your rb situation is lacking a bit so I'd be cautious trading away bush but that can change at the blink of an eye if bush mendenhall and or mcgahee can find their groove again.

        Based on gut instinct right now I may opt to go for the trade as even though the texans are a heavy run team andre johnson is the clear #1wr for Texans with, if i recall correctly, really good matchups ahead. R. Bush has been struggling and Daniel Thomas is starting to get more carries. If D. Thomas takes advantage of his opportunities you can be looking at least at a committee approach here so the window to trade high for bush may close sooner rather than later. Of course R. Bush may get his groove back and finish strong. (hes got jac and buf during playoff weeks)

        Bottom line: Very tough call but if you're a shoe in on making the playoffs you may want to ride it out with R. Bush given the matchups but if you want to get as much points as you can over the next several weeks AJ has the better matchups. Good luck


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