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  • jeff jeff Nov 15, 2012 2:36 AM Flag

    Trade Cam?

    Cam for Wayne is what I am going for.
    My WR1 is Marshal
    WR2/flex is Steve Johnson, James Jones & Mike Williams.
    Is adding one of these guys giving up too much?

    Deadline is Friday and I want to trade Cam. I think his stock is high enough I could get a good WR.
    My back up is Freeman, I feel good about him the rest of the way

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    • Cam for Wayne is a good deal. I'd do it.

      Can you respond to mine, it's under title TRADE ADVICE

    • i have cam and palmer. Considered trading palmer for freeman because i feel good about him the rest of the year too.

      Johnson, Jones, and Williams are very nice WR3, but kinda weak WR2.

      It's your call, but if you think you can get Wayne for Cam, i would feel good about riding out Freeman.

    • i'd probably jump on this trade if offered to me. dumping cam for josh doesn't add up though plus cam has gotten better (and the entire panthers team) once heads started to roll. tho the panthers are using their running game more now, which they should have done from week 1, newton's pts are still going to be up. but to answer your question: go w/a straight up newton for wayne trade.

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      • Cam: The Panthers decision to bench Smith to try out younger recivers scares me. Plus they are out of the playoff hunt, so I don't see Cam finishing the season on a high level.
        Josh: The Bucs are fighting for a playoff spot and have a tasty schedule coming up.
        And since there running game has picked up, it has helped there passing game.


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