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  • DaSwee1 DaSwee1 Nov 13, 2012 12:46 AM Flag

    Dallas Cowboys defense

    Keep an eye on the stat corrections that come out Wednesday night/Thursday.Yahoo goes by official NFL scorers so it should be caught.

    Box score shows Dallas Def allowed points 23 (including the TD with the missed XP at the end of the game that you mention), ST punt return for a TD, Def Int returned for TD, a Fum recovered for a TD and 2 sacks. In my league they have Dallas at 24 points which is off, should be 18, unless I'm missing something. By your league scoring how may points should Dallas Def have?

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    • 32 points and I had the Denver Defense, which did the best statistically and they only had 32.

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      • Troy if you feel the scoring is still incorrect here are the Yahoo instructions -
        "If you believe that an error has been made in the scoring of your team or matchup, please contact us with the following information:
        The name of the team in question.
        Your League ID#.
        The players and statistics in question.
        Any reference point (box score, recap, news story, etc.) that might help in resolving the issue.

        To contact Customer Care, please select the Get Help button on the right of the page."

    • They have 24 in my league and that number is accurate in my league.

      Six per defensive TD
      six per kick/punt return TD
      two per INT
      two per fumble recovery
      one per sack
      21-27 allowed should net zero points total.

      Two defensive TD's = twelve points (Six points per)
      one kickoff return for a TD = six points
      two sacks = two points
      one fumble = two points
      one int = two points
      21-27 points allowed = zero points

      = 24 points


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