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  • OOO OOO Nov 12, 2012 8:10 PM Flag

    Quit complaining!

    Yahoo is the best fantasy sports out there. I've been playing since 2000 and have tried them all. Yahoo is the best and it's free. So they have one bad day. So what. Quit your crying.

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    • put your pacifier back in your mouth and shut up. if we need some smarta$$ pimply faced teenager to scold us...we'll give you a call....

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      • John, I'm curious...Why even take the time to write that? What did you gain by it? If it made you feel better after you posted it, then great I guess, I just don't understand.
        I'm going to try it too & see if it makes me feel better:
        Hey John G., I don't think he wants his pacifier back since we can see it protruding from inside the seat of your jeans...he'll buy a new one, you can keep it. You may want to ask someone the preverbial question..."Do these jeans and this pacifier make my a** look big?"
        Nope...didn't make me feel better, but I did chuckle writing it. I'm sure you'll report it...

    • I think the issue with alot of people, including me....is it isn't free if you put money on the league

    • Kid well put! And if they thought Yahoo wasnt the best they wouldnt be here.Yahoo is always trying to improve the site each year in Fantasy Sports they try to have new features and design and they respond pretty quick when you email them regarding league or site issues.We all know its frustrating when issues occur especially when those issues affect our team in a negative way,those who benefited from this(most were who played against the team who had issue) they are smiling.In the end Yahoo did the best they could've done.Good Luck All!

    • Agreed, this is our 17th yr doing FF & since it went online we've tried several sites...Yahoo is the best imo.
      This mishap Sunday was definitely frustrating, but it could've happened on ESPN, Sporting News, CBS Sportsline...etc. It happened-it's over-move on!


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