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  • John G John G Nov 12, 2012 10:52 PM Flag

    Quit complaining!

    put your pacifier back in your mouth and shut up. if we need some smarta$$ pimply faced teenager to scold us...we'll give you a call....

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    • John, I'm curious...Why even take the time to write that? What did you gain by it? If it made you feel better after you posted it, then great I guess, I just don't understand.
      I'm going to try it too & see if it makes me feel better:
      Hey John G., I don't think he wants his pacifier back since we can see it protruding from inside the seat of your jeans...he'll buy a new one, you can keep it. You may want to ask someone the preverbial question..."Do these jeans and this pacifier make my a** look big?"
      Nope...didn't make me feel better, but I did chuckle writing it. I'm sure you'll report it...


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