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  • papaw papaw Nov 11, 2012 8:22 PM Flag

    Remember, Yahoo is FREE

    so I'm not getting upset. Just set your teams early!!

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    • Thats all fine but What if your players is a game time decision? Or god forbid what if you look at your lineup and decide you dont wanna start running back A you wanna bench him for someone on your bench? We have that right you know

    • I was unaffected by this, as I set my lineup previously. This is a stupid sentiment, however, Yahoo isn't just running this out of the goodness of their hearts. There's people who play PRO leagues, who do pay real money for this. Even the free players are generating significant advertising revenue for Yahoo. So yes, people are allowed to have an expectation of a site that actually works. Even though I had my team set, I was unable to track them throughout the day-which I enjoy doing, especially when I'm playing my buddy who's watching the games with me. So just because you had your team set does not mean you can tell other people not to care.

    • that's a downright stupid reaction to this. you can set a tentative lineup...and that's good. but that doesn't cover players that are questionable and game time decisions. . i'm sure it doesn't upset YOU...because your teams obviously weren't affected. i'm sure your comment is intended to make everyone else look dumb and make you look smart...but actually, just the reverse took place.

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      • No there are two sides, the people that benefited from yahoo being down and those that didnt. I lost because i couldn't make any changes. This probably happened for thousands, worse than the GB/SEA game. Not to mention that all Fantasy Sports weren't working. While most just play this i have 10 pro teams in basketball which is a daily matchup decision and couldnt swap out people, or pick up FA. You gotta remember fantasy basketball already started.

    • Free?? I paid $20.00 per entry for public PRO League. Some people paid up to $100.00 per team. How is that free? We paid for a service and the service wasn't provided allowing us to make changes within the correct time including swapping out players who we had to wait and see would play or not at game time.


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