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  • Christopher Christopher Nov 9, 2012 5:22 PM Flag

    HUGE 12 team standard scoring TRADE! Championship deal??

    Big trade ive been contemplating. i trade my Alfred Morris/DeMarco Murray/Mike Vick/Brandon Pettigrew for his Adrian Peterson/Andrew Luck/Heath Miller? is it fair? veto-worthy? he has mjd so has reached out to me about a murray/morris for peterson deal.. i know AP doesnt have the greatest schedule remaining but with the vikings pass game stinking it up i feel they have no other choice but to rely on "Purple Jesus". Here's the rest of my team
    WR1: Aj Green
    WR2: V Cruz
    WR3: K Britt/L.Moore
    RB1: R.Rice
    RB2: A.Morris
    TE: D.Keller/B.Pettigrew
    Flex: CJ Spiller/D.Murray/C.Shorts/M.Reece
    K: S.Suisham(Pitt)
    DEF: SFran

    trading depth for sure fire starts week in and out is what im looking for. im nervous to trade morris cuz he does have a nice remaining schedule(plus consistency) and also DMurray who has the wonderful matchup of NO on championship week(week 16). id be hurting cuz peterson has a bye next week and so does victor cruz..but to pass up a lineup that looks like this in a 12 team league with the playoffs so close.. id be stupid right?

    QB: A.Luck/J.Freeman
    WR1: AJ Green
    WR2: V.Cruz
    WR3: K.Britt/L.Moore
    RB1: R.Rice
    RB2: A.Peterson
    TE: H.Miller/D.Keller
    Flex: CJ Spiller
    K: Suisham(PITT)
    DEF: SFran

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    • Do it for sure. You get rid of an inconsistent vick, a rookie RB(rookie rb's usually hit a wall and production drops in the second half of the year, plus the "shanahan factor") for AP is a steal itself. plus luck and miller, id do this for sure!

    • You definitely need to take this trade. Luck is rolling right now and has a pretty nice schedule, while Vick is too inconsistent for me. He's injury prone, sacked a lot, and just lost another OL. Peterson is a beast and gets TDs. Morris gives you a consistent number each week but they're sliding a bit and I don't trust having a RB on a WSH team, you never know what Shanahan is going to do. And McMurray is injured way too often. I'd play Spiller over McMurray 9 out of 10 times. Miller has been putting up a lot of TDs so far, PIT's passing game always seems to do well, and Brown is injured so that might mean more targets. Before the season I would have chosen Pettigrew. I think he'll be solid for a few catches each week and Detroit is starting to play better on offense. Sort of a toss-up on TE. Overall, this gives you a ridiculous lineup for a 12 team league. Go for it.

    • Get your playoff team ready while you can. This will make your starters rock solid. An immediate improvement in all areas for you. The best part is you aren't sacrificing anything but bench players. Fantastic trade if it goes through.


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