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  • Anas Anas Oct 29, 2012 8:49 PM Flag

    James Jones or Dwayne Bowe rest of season?

    who would u want for rest of season

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    • Perplexing question. Bowe, a standout physical freak would be the natural answer if looking only at the WR's. But when you consider things like: Who's the QB? Who do they face for the rest of the year, what's their order on the depth chart?
      From depth chart, right now Bowe is a No1 and James is a No 2, however is likely to drop to 3 or even 4 depeding on whether or not Jennings comes back.

      QB: hands down Jones wins this battle, but the problem here is that Jones isn't used very much outside of the red zone. He's usually hit or miss. But lately, Bowe's been ALL miss as KC is one of the worst teams in the League.

      As for schedule, there's no clear cut winner. GB has some tough secondaries still on the schedule. KC plays in the easier division.

      Offensive Philosophy: GB wins all day here, they can't run and pass really really well. Meanwhile KC wanted to hit up Hillis and Charles with 250 touches apiece for the year.

      Since we are talking for the REST OF THE SEASON....it's hard to discount Bowe..especially given one fact....Garbage time...KC will be playing in a lot of it, facing 2nd stringers in the second half. Even Cassell can get the ball down field against those odds.

      Yeah, Bowe.

    • I'd stick with Bowe.


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