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  • k1dd J3e2y k1dd J3e2y Oct 25, 2012 5:15 PM Flag

    URGENT!!! Replacing Fred Davis

    I'm 6-1 1st place in my league. I'm playing the only team that has beat me again this week. I lost Fred Davis for the year and have a couple of questions. Who should I pick up to replace Davis? Dennis Pitta and Anthony Fasano are available but Pitta is on a Bye week. I have a kicker I can drop and pick them both up. Also, because of the bye weeks I'm short one receiver.

    Should I pick up Fasano for this week? Is Pitta worth my number 1 waiver priority if I wait to pick him up later? What receiver do you recommend for this week? the best options are Brandon LaFell, Donnie Avery and Brandon Stokely.


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