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  • anthony s anthony s Oct 25, 2012 5:56 AM Flag

    why does my team suck so bad?

    ok...so i'm 2 - 5...basically my season is over...i have no shot of making the playoffs...and i really just feel like quitting my league but i won't...i can't say i'll try very hard anymore...but anyways...my team...feel free to mock me viciously : qb m. vick - total bust...no rushing tds...turnovers up the wazoo...should've stuck with my initial thought and gone with matt ryan. rb r.rice has disappeared after semi strong start...with #$%$ defense his use in offense with continue to plummet. rb j. charles started out awful had 2 good games now with quinn at qb and that defense he's worthless to. rb r. mathews HUGE disappointment...norv turner hates him and takes him out on 3rd downs and the last quarter of games...wasted my 2nd round pick on him. wr m. wallace-figured he'd play lights out for a contract...he disappears in games and is too unreliable. wr d. thomas - no complaint
    wr r. wayne - no complaint. te a. gates - total turd...one good game and i still lost that week.
    i've got green bay and new england for defenses...detroits kicker...vick ballard...just crap...my entire team is a pile of crap and i hate fantasy football this year.

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    • Dude, ride that team, no way it'll be that bad the ROS. Your RB and WR are too talented. You are overstating Rice and Charles issues. If you aren't comfortable, trade one for an improved QB. I'd probably move Vick/Mathews or Vick/Charles. Rice is untradeable unless you are getting two stud returns. Rice could give you a top QB plus a solid RB too. Work the trades and work the waiver wire. I rotate Def every week, unless someone drops Houston, Chicago, or SF D, then you can ride them. Don't give up, 7 weeks in, another 6 games to go. If you go on a 6 game win streak that's 8-5, that makes playoffs in every league, every year. I've made the playoffs with a 6-7 record before and then WON. Its all about matchups and timing. Keep playing, you never know what's going to happen. And in the end, its a game, enjoy it!!!! Unless you have $10,000 on winning the league, its not the end of the world!

    • i dont know what you are talking about but if you have rice, charles and mathews there is no way you should be sitting at 2-5. Perhaps you suck as a manager. You gotta work the waiver wire. I agree Vick is horrible, you've got 3 stud Rb's try and trade one to upgrade your QB. Your receivers are above average and more than cabaple of putting up pts.

    • I agree that not giving up is the way to go. Maybe try to deal Charles or Rice to get someone you are more comfortable with. For me the excitement (even when losing) is finding that player that nobody really wanted and they perform. It's nice bragging rights to win a lot of games or even the league but ultimately working on your skills of better predicting who will be successful is a lot of fun for me. I guess it is kind of a game within the game for me.

    • I drafted a hurt team to start off, all 3 RB's had season ending injuries last year (Mathews, Peterson, Mendenhall) A QB who didnt play last year (Manning) and a TE who got injured the beginning of the 2nd week (Herndz.) Computer picked them for me, I was real agressive on trades and waiver wire (30 transactions this season). Now we are halfway through the year and I wind up picking up all the players I cut earlier and though I am 4-3 I got a great shot at making the playoffs with one of the better teams in the league. This week I picked up mathews, mend., and Amd.. of St Louis to ride the bench, maybe one or all of them will get healthy and help me if I make the playoffs, my starters are pretty strong so I could afford to do that. Try to think of it as a challenge when you are dealt crap and try your best to make it work, it is alot more satisfying if you succeed. Dont give up, treat this as a learning experience, and it might help you next year.

    • my starting roster is stafford, rice, charles, marshall, decker, brown, lloyd, rudolph, Zuerlien, NE def. 3-4 in 7th, top 6 make playoffs. The 2nd highest scoring team, but 1st in points against. its the way the schedule shakes out. sometimes you get lucky a week and sometimes you get unlucky.

    • I started out at 0-0-1 on the season in my league and now I'm 4-2-1 and on a 4 game winning streak don't give up make some trades, drop @ add some players u would be surprise at what u would get.


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