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  • RomoSexual RomoSexual Oct 22, 2012 7:16 PM Flag

    Rodgers/Graham for McCoy/Cam

    I think you assume all the risk in that trade. Richardson has the rib issue, Newton hasn't been producing, and Jones is strong but you just don't know. Rodgers is starting to click with his receivers (with Jennings come back soon) and although Mathews and Graham have injury concerns, Graham is coming back soon and Mathews (although he is in a timeshare) won't hurt your team. If I were to make that trade I wouldn't settle for a combination that didn't have either McCoy or Green in it.

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    • Well he's pretty much said Cobb and Green are untradable. That's why I thought of McCoy/Newton for Rodgers/Graham. I dunno though, that's why i'm asking. I wouldn't mind swipping mcgahee.. I kinda wanna ditch ridley so what if i did my Rodger/Graham/Ridley for McCoy/Cam/McGahee?


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