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  • Brian Brian Oct 16, 2012 1:22 AM Flag

    R. Bush and Lloyd for Chris Johnson/Steve Johnson/DeMarco Murray

    I'm tentative about this deal, I'm the one with Brandon Lloyd and Reggie Bush. Lloyd has been nothing special, but certainly consistent, and Reggie has shown his moments of brilliance.

    C.J. on the other hand is wildly unpredictable, and Steve Johnson and DeMarco Murray aren't really much better.

    I feel like I've almost been handed a gem here, as the upside is huge, but at the same time it's two reliable guys from me for 3 question marks.

    What do you guys think? Worth the risk? As a side note, my other RB's are Jamaal Charles and Mikel Leshoure, and my other WR's are Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones, and Pierre Garcon (if he ever comes back)

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    • Steve Johnson and Lloyd are a wash. Bush is a little banged up, but I would take him for the rest of the year over CJ and Murray. Miami has to run the ball and their def keeps them in games. Ten def sucks and there are on the wrong side of blowouts more often than not. Murray has upside to be better than Bush but is injured. Are you in a position where you have to gamble?

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      • My normal starters are this

        QB: RG3
        RB1: J. Charles
        RB2: R. Bush
        WR1: Calvin Jr.
        WR2: Julio Jones
        TE: Martellus Bennett
        FLEX: Either Lloyd or Mikel Leshoure
        D: Varies, I play match-ups with D basically
        K: Matt Bryant

        As far as WR/RB goes, I have Michael Bush and Pierre Garcon on the bench as well.

        All sounds good, but my team hasn't broken 100 points in 3 weeks, i'm 1-2 in my last 3 game heading into a bye week for Charles, Reggie and Julio. I'm wondering more and more if it's going to be a lineup with staying power

    • Murray might miss several weeks with that foot injury. I read doubtful for week 7 and that week 8 could be in doubt as well. If Murray was healthy I would consider it, but with him banged up I don't think I would.

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      • What if I told you Jahvid Best was part of the deal too? The guy who offered me the trade didn't look before he sent it, and didn't see that Best is out for the year, so I'd be giving away nothing.

        Really I'd be giving away one top 10 RB, a potential top 15 WR and a dud, for a bunch of guys with decent upside. I'm just curious if it's really worth the risk basically


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