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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 12, 2012 10:19 PM Flag

    Bad team or just bad luck?

    It actually looks like a pretty good team so I'm guessing bad luck. Pitta's last couple weeks probably hurt if those were any of the one syou lost by 6. Ryan Williams let everyone down even before he got hurt. You should be ok if Ballard plays well enough to take the job or Green plays well. You need one of them to step up to your # 3 back. D Jax has actually been pretty good but just hasn't scored td's with Vick's issues. Good matchup for DJax this week and he has a good schedule most games the rest of the way.

    Should I make this trade? It is PPR so it hurts losing Forte but I haven't been able to unload F Jax. I am making the offer so should I through in Finley to help?

    Forte/Jordy for Turner/Gronk

    My Team
    Cam, Vick
    Forte,T Rich, F Jax, M Bush, V Ballard, J Rodgers
    Jordy, Bowe, V Jax, D Moore, James Jones

    • Hmmm...yeah..tough giving up Forte. I feel your pain with Finley though. I have him AND Rodgers in another league...so those drops hurt double! Now I'm not sure if he's playing this week and I don't have another TE either. Who is the other teams TE? They would have to have a pretty good one to part with Gronk.


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