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  • Gibbs Gibbs Oct 12, 2012 5:41 PM Flag

    Bad team or just bad luck?

    I would like your advice on if I should keep this team as is and ride it out, or make a few moves. Please keep in mind that this is a money league with friends, and they all have at least average knowledge of FF. I am currently 5-0 in one league and 4-1 in another. THIS TEAM IS 1-4 RIGHT NOW. Sometimes it easier for someone on the outside looking in to see something I may not.

    10 team...1/2 PPR...return yrds 30 per pt....4 pts. passing TD's...6 pts rushing, receiving, returning TD's...top 4 make playoffs.

    QB: A.Rodgers
    WR: A.Johnson
    WR: Dez
    RB: Murray
    RB: Sproles (Ballard this week)
    TE : Hernandez
    W/T: D.Jackson
    W/R/T: R.Cobb (maybe A.Green this week?)
    Greg the Leg

    Bench: Alex Green, V.Ballard, LSH, B.Tate, Britt, Amendola, A.Roberts, Pitta

    I have lost 2 games by less than 6 points...one of them was a BIG management mistake (benched Dez for Ryan Williams @ flex)..I would have won if I had kept Dez in.

    Losing Amendola was a big loss...with these settings he was the #3 WR in points at that time. AJ and DJax haven't helped me out much. I picked up LSH, A.Green and Ballard in hopes they will pan out. Ballard just to get me through a bye this week, and Green to take the flex spot till Amendola comes back.

    I feel like it's still a pretty good team...just not up to this point. Any suggestions?

    Help me out and I'll answer one for you. I am ranked #8 on fandecisions right now...If you don't know about this site..go there after you help me, and thank me later.

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    • Bad luck mostly. Not sure how much you can do about it. 10 team league everyone has pretty loaded teams, so not sure what kind of trades you can do. You are selling low on a lot of those guys.
      Aaron Rodgers is out of sync on a lot of plays this year, but you have to keep him.
      Andre Johnson is getting way less targets that anyone expected. Like 30 through 5 games, awful for #1 receiver.
      Dez and Andre are dropping balls.
      Cowboys O-line is struggling, so Murray is struggling.
      New Saints coaches haven't really figured out how to get Sproles involved consistently
      Jackson and Cobb are probably decent for your league

      Basically, I think for a 10 team league, you just didn't end up with a very good draft.

      My 10 team league, standard settings, I have

      Romo/Dalton/RG3 (2 QB start)
      Foster/Charles/McFadden/McGahee (2 RB start)
      Roddy/VJax/DJax/Reggie Wayne/Gronk (3 WR/TE start)

      This team is only 3-2.

    • Try to beat me! I win! Try to beat me! I win! Oct 12, 2012 11:40 PM Flag

      Your going to be fine. You need a more consistent tight end, and DEz sucks! play Roberts he is due! Then go after that RB you need!

    • It actually looks like a pretty good team so I'm guessing bad luck. Pitta's last couple weeks probably hurt if those were any of the one syou lost by 6. Ryan Williams let everyone down even before he got hurt. You should be ok if Ballard plays well enough to take the job or Green plays well. You need one of them to step up to your # 3 back. D Jax has actually been pretty good but just hasn't scored td's with Vick's issues. Good matchup for DJax this week and he has a good schedule most games the rest of the way.

      Should I make this trade? It is PPR so it hurts losing Forte but I haven't been able to unload F Jax. I am making the offer so should I through in Finley to help?

      Forte/Jordy for Turner/Gronk

      My Team
      Cam, Vick
      Forte,T Rich, F Jax, M Bush, V Ballard, J Rodgers
      Jordy, Bowe, V Jax, D Moore, James Jones

    • Anyone???


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