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  • Try to beat me! I win! Try to beat me! I win! Oct 12, 2012 11:50 AM Flag

    0-5 with the best team I have ever had!

    QB's: Matty Ryan and Andy Dalton
    WR's: Roddy White, A. Hawkins, D. Moore, and M. Williams
    RB's: R. Rice, W. MaGahee, S. Greene
    TE's: H. Miller and F. Davis
    K's: G. Zuerlein and J. Tucker
    D: Atlanta and Minnesota
    I have no Idea who to start and how to proceed! My league is all screwed up with its rules! Its a Ten team league with a QB, 2WR, 2RB, TE, Flex and Defense!
    Any advice would be great?

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    • Pretty weak for a ten-team league. Yoon's advice is great. Beyond that, though, you won't need Dalton after Ryan's bye next week, so trade him after that. Can't find a suitor? Cut him. You need an upgrade at TE and WR, with WR being the priority. Look to the waiver wire if you can't find a trade partner. I'd think Dalton and Davis would be worth an upgrade at TE (even if just a little, it's still worth it). With your extra slots (Miller, a K and a DEF should be cut), you can pickup handcuffs of likely-to-be-injured RBs like Mathews. Get Battle if he's available. Green/Starks if they're available would be the next targets (I'm assuming Green's gone). Powell for your own handcuff to Greene. Jahvid Best might be worth a flyer if he's available. Ballard might be good for the next couple of weeks (certainly better than Greene at the flex spot). McGahee's injury-prone and not elite, so RB should be a focus, too. You could even shop around McGahee in your pursuit of an elite WR (packaged with a decent WR and/or Dalton) if you can add three of the aforementioned RBs to your roster. Watch Beanie Wells in the near future to see if he's coming back, too. Don't wait too long on him. Williams is underrated, so I'd hold on to him. White's name is huge, so he might be the best trade bait, but I'd probably at least TRY to package McGahee and/or Dalton with Hawkins to upgrade at WR. Moore might be decent. Didn't play in week one, has had his bye... his numbers in the three games he has played are decent. But if someone offers you an elite WR for Moore or Williams plus Dalton, take it.

    • First of all in 10 team league, you should not have 2 kickers or 2 defenses as you can always get one via waiver for bye weeks. Even with the tight ends miller and davis should be waiver wire material in 10 team league. You need to improve your WR and RB but you don't have much to work with... GO get some WRs and RBs with upside in the waiver wire pool and drop defense, kicker, and TE.

    • looks like you are just one unlucky person. i think you have a decent team, but a little thin at wr.
      i would start:
      white & hawkins
      rice & mcgahee
      f davis
      tucker (because STL is playing MIA & not sure if they will move the ball a lot)
      flex - greene
      MIN def
      maybe try to deal greene & dalton for a lower tier back up qb & a solid wr. heck you could even throw in ATL def to help entice the deal


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