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  • scalp 15 scalp 15 Oct 10, 2012 12:20 PM Flag

    Charles vs McCoy?

    Trade Scenarios
    McCoy and Kolb for Charles and Luck (backup)
    McCoy, Bowe, Fred Jackson, Kolb for Charles, Lloyd(pats), Ridley, Luck

    Yahoo has McCoy slaughtering Charles from here out.. but im not so sure about that and i like ridley fred

    I need a QB, I have Kolb. PPR league.
    D Thomas
    D Bowe
    Mike Wallace Flex
    Andre Roberts, Fred Jackson, Kendal Hunter TEBOW+

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    • I like both trades, and I'd go with #2 a little bit more. In my book -- Charles = McCoy (or very close to it). Luck Kolb. Ridley Jackson. Lloyd

    • I like the trade for you from the standpoint of you getting Luck. Luck over Kolb is a huge upgrade as he will be forced to throw more and more as his team gets down and his offense continues to prove it can't run (even more now with D Brown out). Charles and McCoy are close in value and I actually believe they are close in chances of getting injured as well. Charles gets the volume, McCoy has the better offense but honestly they're pretty close. Getting Luck in this deal puts you way over the top in my opinion. I'd take the deal.

    • McCoy is probably the top RB of the 2. but charles has a really good o line and the chiefs run the ball alot. i dont think you would be loosing alot . I like the 2nd trade a bit more cause you get an overall upgrade in RB with ridley and charles, and i think lloyd will come on. i dont trust bowe a whole lot right now even though he has been doing well. and i would make luck the starter over kolb and tebow. personally i think you win


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