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  • Joe Joe Oct 9, 2012 3:31 AM Flag

    0-5 what to do

    so im 0-5 in my 12 team league and i honestly didnt think my team was that bad.

    tom brady,
    demarco murray,
    cedric benson(dropping),
    antonio gates,
    vincent jackson,
    k- robbie gould,
    def- baltimore.

    denarius moore,
    greg little,
    matt shaub,
    kyle rudolf,
    fred jackson,
    ryan williams(dropped)

    i think trading for a decent back is first priority. any other ideas? thanks

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    • Yeah, that RB situation is pretty bad, and I should know, I have a lot of the same guys you have (Brady, Maclin, Murray, Benson, Fred Jackson). I've been fortunate to only be 2-3 at this point, but I feel your pain. You're priority is getting a RB. If you can pull it off, I would try to buy low on MJD if possible depending upon what that owner's needs are. (That's what I'm doing). If it's QB, try Shaub. If it's a WR, Maclin or Vincent Jackson. If it's a RB, Murray. McFadden is also a buy low option. I'm not entirely optimistic about Morris since he's going into rough match ups for the next few weeks, but if you don't have other alternatives, go for Morris out of consistency. It seems like Washington is done with the Shanahan-igans this year.

      Would you mind answering my question titled "Need Replacement for Cedric Benson?" Much appreciated.

    • yea was looking into that just worried about his security in washington. ill probably offer up maclin.


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