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  • Anthony Anthony Oct 5, 2012 11:49 PM Flag

    Start Mike Wallace & Antonio Brown?

    1st - Thanks for the advice on my trade offer.

    2nd - You're certain it's Antonio Brown on the waivers and not Andre Brown from the Giants? I am just as baffled as you are, as to who would drop Antonio. If it is in fact him, it really is a tough call. You have solid options already but I am more of a Brown fan than a Decker or Jackson. I would probably do it and drop the least consistent of the other two. You sure you have to drop a WR? Who are your other bench guys?

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    • positive on Antonio and Andre available so maybe the few that looked thought it was Andre...rules have been the same for years...we drop position for position to keep it fair and avoid overstacking at positions to prevent guys from hogging it up...keeps it fair and actually like it that way...other WR's are Jordy, DJax and Decker. I think DJax is odd man out. Decker has a role but think top CB's will tend to him since he's quicker. If they'd be stuck on DThomas I'd keep him but Manning also spreads it to all...not buying Mendy running since he only had one good year and Ben likes to throw...if their Defense doesn't pick it up they'll need to throw anyway.


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