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  • Joe Joe Oct 4, 2012 11:06 PM Flag

    Please, Trade Help.....Could be block buster

    Here's my team:
    Starters (minus K and DEF)
    Matt Ryan
    Brandon Marshall
    Jordy Nelson
    Stevie Johnson
    Arian Foster
    Willis McGahee
    Jimmy Graham

    Michael Turner
    Tony Romo
    Ben Tate
    Stevan Ridley
    Michael Crabtree

    Here's his lineup:
    Cam Newton
    Wes welker
    eric decker
    anquain boldin
    lesean mccoy
    frank gore
    jacob tamme

    He want's to trade Lesean mccoy for jimmy graham. that would give me arian foster and lesean mccoy at rb1 and rb2. there's not a lot of points for te's on the waiver wire. but i could maybe trade mcgahee and turner for a tony gonzalez of something like that. Any advice?


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