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  • Glenn Glenn Sep 21, 2012 9:53 AM Flag

    Which trade is better?

    I have a couple of pending offers in my PPR league; both of which involve my backup QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (This is a 2QB league and I have Tom Brady and Matt Ryan, so I don't really need Fitzpatrick). The first deal is one I initiated to compensate for the loss of Fred Jackson and to shop Alfred Morris before Shanahan irrationally decides to bench Morris for Helu or Royster.

    Give: Alfred Morris, Ryan Fitzpatrick
    Get: Darren McFadden, Matt Cassel

    The other trade offer someone else made to me.

    Give: Ryan Fitzpatrick
    Get: Doug Martin

    Which offer should I go for? The first deal will get me a better RB, but the second deal only needs me to approve it, and I can save Morris to shop for a better WR. Plus, Doug Martin is no slouch compared to my other RBs (DeMarco Murray, Pierre Thomas). Thoughts?

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    • if you know the people in your league and can talk to the guy you proposed the trade to, i would try to get a feel for whether or not he will accept or if you can rework the trade in a way he'll accept, and if it wont work out, accept trade 2.

      if you dont know the people in your league, i'd wait a day or 2 and see if the guy you proposed the trade to does anything with it, and if not, accept trade 2.

      basically, dont lose martin just because you proposed a trade for mcfadden.

    • Probably the first. Since your getting Cassel and don't need him, u could trade him for a solid WR. DMC and McFadden would be a solid RB pair. Only problem is they're both inconsistent and McFadden in injury-prone. DMC could be one of those guys too since he's already been injured last season. If your league has the rule where u have to wait 3 days until players you've received in a trade appear on your roster, that would be nice actually, since Morris should have a great game against a Cincy defense who can't stop anyone in the running game. Good luck!!!

    • Deal one. RunDMC is a great buy low candidate.

    • I would go after McFadden.

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