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  • RomoSexual RomoSexual Sep 21, 2012 12:18 AM Flag

    Where to Improve?

    Standard Non-PPR League:

    QB: Romo, Rivers
    RB: L. McCoy, M. Forte, J. Charles, M. Bush, B. Tate, A. Brown
    WR: A.J. Green, A. Brown, D. Jackson
    TE: Pettigrew, Hernandez
    K: Hartley
    DEF: Houston

    I know I'm lopsided at RB (I didn't want to give up Forte and I can't drop Jamaal Charles). I am looking for advice.

    1.) Should I drop Pettigrew for Pitta?
    2.) Hartley has been a disappointment, should I go for another kicker?
    3.) How would you improve this team?

    Thank you!

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    • trade one of your RB's for a top receiver

    • I agree your team is pretty loaded and balanced all over.

      1. I would keep Pettigrew for now but I just picked up Pitta and dropped Olsen this week. Flacco loves that. I'de keep that in mind
      2. Hartley is elite in that offense and kickers are kickers lol if anything see if Justin Tucker is out there. He's a stud and will rack up points in that offense
      3. My advice, keep everyone healthy and you'll be fine.

    • You're loaded! Really just "tweaking" a solid roster/bench. To answer each question
      1. Pettigrew is fine until Hernandez gets back (or not), he's Safford's #2 target. If you want Pitta go get him , but DO NOT drop Pettigrew-TRADE! See #3
      2. A Kicker's a kicker. With that much firepower on your roster you can cycle kickers to your heart's desire. Go carzy! ( I personally think Hartley is a Top-tier kicker).
      3. Very strong at every postion, weakest(?) at WR, so TRADE one of your star QB's, especially AFTER a good performance (better trade value). If you package a good duo/trio of players for 1-2 players, you "could" get an upgrade at WR, plus leave you an open roster spot to pick up Pitta.


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