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  • Brendan Brendan Sep 15, 2012 4:18 PM Flag

    Forte, what do i do?

    hey guys. in a 12 team no ppr league. here's my team. what should i do about forte being hurt? will ridley perform like he did last week? should i try and trade bowe/someone else for another Rb? Thanks, and good luck this weekend!

    Qb RG3
    Rb Peterson
    Rb Ridley
    Flex Forte
    Wr Austin
    Wr Wallace
    Te Gates


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    • tough to do anything until confirmed but if it's high ankle sprain he may not be back or even if he is it could be REALLY late in the year. I've had these and have one now going on a month with another month yet on crutches. Then I rehab the muscles not being used. Can't imagine what that will turn out to be like for a running back. It simply means he's got a high probablility of being out for the year. It's your choice but you need depth at WR so I'd keep what you have and wait till Blackmon or Bowe start producing in good matchups and maybe consider a trade then. Watch waivers for injuries to starter RB's and be ready to pounce. If you have a high waiver priority be sure to save it or just let other guys use theirs ahead of you to move up. Last thought is you drop Forte and watch someone else use their waiver, you hopefully move up or even consider grabbing who he dropped if good enough. Odd are this doesn't happen but I don't know what your league looks like or rules or....It's your call but I'd look at Forte's schedule, maybe sit tight one week for news and then dump him for someone else and hope to keep your waiver for when you really need it. Tough call but sitting on your bench all year just won't help your team since Mendy won't do much even when he's ready to play. Part ways soon...take it from my injury experience personally. There's not much hope but keep tuned in to his news for one week at tops and move one.


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