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  • Alex B Alex B Sep 6, 2012 1:56 AM Flag

    Trade Help

    So I drafted pretty terrible running backs. should i do this trade: I give Graham, Mcgahee. I get:Stephen Jackson Antonio Gates.

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    • i hd grham last year dont give him up.. he his points well be running back points at times especially with what thomas was saying... check my post out help a owner out

    • IF he threw in Antonio Brown i do the trade! But your still very weak at RB and McGahee is clearly the no1 back in denver

    • No. The Graham/Gates difference far exceeds the Jackson/Mcgahee difference. With all the suspensions on New Orleans D, I see them having a lot more close games this year and even playing from behind a bit. Which means more passes. And who is Brees favorite target? And Mcgahee is way undervalued this year, Think of how many rushing yards/TDs were sniped last year by Timmy Tebow. And now with Peyton there stretching the field, they can't load the box without getting burned. Keep an eye on Hillman too if he is still available. John Fox hates rookies, but this kid is pretty amazing as long as he keeps his hammy issues to a minimum. Plus, Steven Jackson is getting old, it's gotta catch up to him some year.


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