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  • J.D. J.D. Aug 30, 2012 9:12 AM Flag

    Trent Richardson

    Is he going to be the real deal?

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    • He's interesting. Because of his injury he's fallen off the table in most drafts and you are likely looking at a RB who will have an RB1 per game average by the time he hits his stride. Peyton Hillis (!!!!!) generated 1600 yards in 2010 when this offense had fewer weapons and a weaker OLine. The "they will stack the box" argument is laughable: didn't work vs Foster, Lynch,Hillis, et al despite the fact every defense knew they would do nothing but RUN! RUN! RUN! And Richardson has huge skills. While I doubt he gets turned loose until a month or so into the season, he's likely worth the gamble of a third rounder for what he will give you in the second half of the season and, most importantly, in the playoffs.

    • Eventually maybe. Temper expectations about him until the season gets into its fifth or sixth week. This year he might be good for about six hundred yds and 3-5 TD's. Not including receptions. The Browns need to loosen defences with some kind of passing game before he explodes and that might not happen until year two if at all.

    • He is an unproven back, with a questionable offensive line, a QB who hasn't earned respect yet so they will face 8 men in the box consistently. Throw in some of the defenses in that division & you have a RB that shouldn't be taken in the 1st five rounds. Richardson is a low end RB2 at best.

    • I don't like ANY RB who misses most of preseason AND has surgery... He'll start off VERY slow

    • The problem I have with Trent is that he has a real history of injuries. Also, he's playing in a division that's filled with great defenses. 6 games versus the Steelers, Ravens and Bengals is tough already, not to mention they have to play the NFC East this year (Cowboys, Giants and Eagles.) Try to keep your expectations to a minimum.


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