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  • Chris Chris Aug 28, 2012 4:23 PM Flag

    Rate My Team

    12 Team League - 6th Pick - Snake Draft - Non PPR
    QB - Vick
    WR - Andre
    WR - Dez
    RB - McCoy
    RB - Turner
    TE - Finley
    WR/TE - Witten / Santonio (dont like him, but he was a late pick)
    K - Gostkowski
    DEF - GB

    Bench - Flacco, Vincent Brown (drafted before he was out 6-8 weeks) dropping to grab a sleeper WR, Stewart, Pittsburgh (15th round pick trying to bundle them for a WR3 trade), Ingram.

    I feel like I lack depth at WR and RB, but have good starters as long as Vick, Andre, & Turner stay healthy. Trying to bundle Stewart and Santonio for Percy and scrub RB. What do you think?

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    • I like your team. In a 12 team league, to get Vick in the second round I imagine is a good move. I'm not a Vick fan. I think he's red flag galore but in a 12 man team in your situation, you have to take him and hope to reap the rewards. I'm shocked on how you were able to get McCoy. Is David Wilson or Rashad Jennings available? Can use more RB depth but who knows, maybe Turner will do good this year although everyone is predicting a slump. I'm not worried about Dez and think he's underrated. I think he might have a big year. Andre, well he's been bad for the past few seasons and he's bound to have a big rebound year. I don't think it will happen but I wouldn't be surprised if it did.

    • Nice team, a little risky with injury prone Vick and Andre, and Dez Bryant is risky as well due to his off-the-field behavior, but it sounds like the cowboys have him on a tight leash. Your flex is weak, as is your bench. What kind of WRs are available as FAs?

    • Dood. Can,t you pick up Greg Olsen or Jared Cook. Take Lafell as ur sleeper

    • Not bad 8/10 could be a 9/10 if vick and johnson stay healthy and if j.rodgers dosent steal carries from turner good job tho man what you think of my team

      12 Team League- 1st Pick - Snake Draft - Non PPR
      QB - Rodgers, Dalton
      WR - A.Johnson, Bryant, Heyward-Bey, Britt, L.Robinson, Manningham
      RB - Jones-Drew, Gore, Green-Ellis, Benson
      TE - Tamme
      K - Gould
      DEF - NYJ


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