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    3rd Year dynasty franchise leage. Multiple Openings


    I'm running a 3rd year yahoo franchise football league where we each started out with an NFC and AFC team.
    We're looking for a few replacements to make the league as active and competitive as possible.

    In terms of the league rules: You have the rights to all of the players from your 2 NFL franchises, including those in the FA pool. Trading is allowed, and you keep the rights to any players you acquire for as long as you want, so long as you don't ever drop them to the FA pool (we have ample roster size to where space isn't an issue). You also get the rights to any rookies that your 2 teams drafted/signed in the offseason. Basically, if a player is in the yahoo FA pool and he has the abbreviation from 1 of your 2 franchises next to his name ("Dal" for Dallas, etc.) only you can ever pick him up.

    It's an active league and there has been trading over the last 3 years, so some of the rosters are a bit changed.
    The 100% available teams currently are:

    Also, I'm still waiting to hear back from a few managers, and it's looking like these teams will most likely be available. (I'm setting a deadline of next Saturday for them to join):

    We're looking for long-term owners that will grow with the league, even if that means not having the best team right out of the gate or having to rebuild. Having said that, a lot of the open teams are very good and a few made the playoffs last year. Some of the others are just in need of attention.

    email me at: eulogy7@hotmail.com if you're interested. I'll send you an invite so you can take a look at the rosters and settings.

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