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  • Art Art Jul 20, 2012 6:13 PM Flag

    Quarterback touchdown points..?

    In my league we award 6 points for to quarterbacks for a touchdown. We are considering changing it to 4 points. Any arguments one way or the other?

    My thought: in today's pass-heavy league, it is important to keep fantasy leagues as competitive as possible. That is - the couple of team's that are able to draft the top 3-5 scoring QB have an enormous advantage. Reducing QB TD points to 4, helps level the playing field.

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    • While I understand the logic of trying to level the playing field by giving QBs 4' instead of 6 pts., I,m not a fan. Call me old school, but I'm not a fan of wonky settings that attempt to manipulate outcomes...be they good or bad. When the NFL changes QB TDs to 4... I'll be happy to change my FF settings to 4. In a 10 team league it's all but a certainty that every owner will have the opportunity to grab a top 5 QB or RB ... or some would go w/ Megatron, so I don't think there's really a need for "leveling" to begin with. Though there's certainly a trend toward going w/ a QB in the 1st...if these forums are any indication, RB in the 1st is still the favored philosophy.

    • Our league is 4 for passing, 6 for rushing. Seems to level the playing field a little. We do give 1 point per 25 yards passing.

      Our league is 2 starting QBs which also averages it out at the position and forces everyone to be active because of only 32 starters.

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    • 4 points is a good amount.