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  • Daniel Daniel Jul 17, 2012 12:11 AM Flag

    Rate My Team Please

    Just did a 10-man draft. Not really sure if its any good

    Tom Brady
    A.J. Green
    Dwayne Bowe
    Stevie Johnson
    Trent Richardson
    Steven Jackson
    Antonio Gates
    K / DEF:
    NO / NYG

    Pierre Garcon
    Laurent Robinson
    Brian Quick
    Frank Gore
    Donald Brown

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    • It's an ok team, what spot did you draft in?? I'm guessing 7th or 8th?? If I'm right then I like Brady 8th, but I don't like Richardson 12th or 13th. Too early for a rookie RB, you probably could have had McFadden or Forte or even someone better.
      Love AJ Green in the late 3rd and if running backs were getting thin, the Steven Jackson in the 4th was probably good value.
      I'll give this team a B, even though your receivers are weak Gates makes up for that of he stays healthy.

    • Joe, I tried to reply and my comment disappeard. so I'm trying again.

      You're missing my point. I agree with everything you've said in regard. What I'm saying is that unless (for instance) you're playing for money...what does it matter? if people want to do early drafts...so what? I'm playing several leagues that have already drafted (none for money) and I'm fully aware that the "luck factor" could lessen my chances of winning by reducing what would otherwise be an advantage...in that I'm an experienced, skilled player of the game. I realize one again...that what you're saying is true!!! But I don't care!!! I'm playing the game for fun...I still will play hard and try to win...and if anything, the whole "luck thing" is just that much more of a challenge (potentially ) for me. If I lose my 1st string RB and QB after the 1st game because they were both arrested for dog fighting (pick your crime)...all that means to me is that I'll do my best to beat your #$%$ despite losing these two guys

      If there's no money involved and you're not the type of person who will consider suicide if you don't beat some guy from Iowa named Marvin...who cares?

    • I think you have a good team, but I would NOT have drafted this early. These guys aren't even in camp. There are all kinds of injuries that can and will happen. I know you are anxious and raring to get going, but now your team will just sit and gather dust for more than a month while you bite your nails, hoping that injuries don't occur.


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