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  • Rash Rash Jul 15, 2012 1:16 AM Flag

    Julio Jones and Boldin for Desean Jackson and Reggie Bush

    This was not a beneficial trade for your team whatsoever. Since your receiving roster is considerably strong you most likely thought you could afford to trade some to improve the run game. Not only could this reasoning have been refined and refocused but you also did not succeed at your plan anyways. Bush, chairman of the inconsistent draft busts committee, provides little help for your already struggling and risky backfield. A gamble is not the way to go on such a dangerous position. You should have traded solely Julio Jones for a running back who would give your team much more solidity. There was no need to trade for two risky players or throw away Boldin so easily.

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    • The trade was pretty much Boldin for Reggie Bush. Since I claimed Boldin off the free agent waivers once our live draft was complete a week and a half ago I would also say it was a calculated risk however worth it.

      Julio Jones and Desean Jackson are pretty much the same value so I do not see any positives or negatives there, sure there`s a chance Julio has a gigantic season (it is very possible) but it is just like you said I received two gambles in return. Nevermind, I never mentioned the top 10 QB or two top 10 TEs on my roster. The way the injury bug tends to happen every season in the NFL there are no sure bets anymore. However you sound like you know everything, good luck in life dude!

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      • There is no way on earth that Jones and Jackson are even remotely similar in fantasy value. Jones statistically destroyed Jackson last season as a rookie and will do it again. You are most likely playing in a noncompetitive league of 6 middle school students if you picked Boldin up out of free agents also. Having a top 10 quarterback and tight end still does not give you the excuse to make stupid trades.

      • If you don't want criticism, don't post. I agree that the person getting Julio and Boldin is getting the better part of the deal by a good bit. DeSean is inconsistent but hopefully his new contract will inspire him and Reggie is even more fickle. I expect Julio to improve on his rookie season and Boldin is pretty consistent. To get him as a FA is surprising and likely means this is a small league.


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