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  • Anthony Anthony Dec 27, 2011 7:31 PM Flag

    Who else won on Drew Brees' final TD?

    I was down 109-62 with Colston, Brees, and White left (no PPR) up against just Gonzalez. On Brees' record breaking TD pass got me the win, 115-113.

    Anyone else with the comeback!?

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    • I did!! down by 6... Commissioner of my league and lost last 2 years in playoffs so I'm over here thinking time to prepare handlin defeat... especially after the Saints D returned that touchdown.. Any other team.. would just take knees... I started off down by 41 with Graham and Brees and the touchdown attempt to Graham ended up being an interception nearly broke my heart.. it looked like doom.. but whattt areee the chancess.. brees needed 30 yards.. got the ball back at the 33..... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i won by 4 points and i'm goin nuts over here.. loved that.. any other situation it would be knees but I love the saints organization and how they knew how much it meant to Brees and the fans of New Orleans.. my friends r sick of hearin me go nuts so I figure I'm safe here among my fellow Brees-history-breakin.touchdown toss..Congratulations everyone.. enjoy the year of trash talkin you all earned :)

    • I need a stat check in my league. Ryan ends up with 69pts. Brees with 59. WTH

    • Congrats! That was scaring the crap out of me because I was up 187-181 and she had Meachem, while I had Sproles and Graham... SO glad he threw to my guy!

    • I did, won by 3.


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