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    Manager Cheating to control his playoffs (Is it, or isn't it???)

    there is a manager(we'll call him senor cheater) in our ($)league who, in the final reg season week of playing, decided that he didnt want to play the playoff bracket which he played his best all year to get. He was 77-78 going into Monday night w/ 78pt manager done for the week. He orginally had Ryan Matthews and V. Jackson slotted to play. He realized that, with a loss, he would be able to play an easier matchup in the playoffs. so he sat R.M. and V.J. and played NO ONE. By doing this, senor cheater secured an easier playoff match-up and screwed another manager out of a playoff spot that would otherwise be his, had senor cheater just played his RB and WR slots.

    Note: If senor cheater played his players, he would have played the team w/ the most scoring points for the year.

    Senor Cheater feels as though he did nothing wrong and vehemently defends his decision to sit starting players to control his playoff matchups. Some managers and the commish take the same position as i do, others side w/ him.

    I have posted the discussion to let you, the Fantasy Football community, decide. Please write back w/ any comments. Some outside viewpoints would be appreciated. (Utah=Senor cheater)

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    • So, none of you guys would mind it one bit if you got hit with injuries early in the season, worked hard and managed to position yourself to get in the playoffs and then discover that you're out because one of the other teams decides to throw a game?


    • its shitty to the people it hurts, and it promotes poor sportsmanship, however it is not an illegal move.

      it would be the same if i was up by a score of 81-80, my opponent is all done on players and i only have a defense left, and so i decide to bench my defense.

      naturally since a defense can lose me points, i would rather take the 0pts and the Win over a chance at higher points but with a chance to lose.

      every other example you listed except the one involving senor cheater involved collusion between 2 or more managers. Senor cheater is not colluding, and as such is managing his team. and i must say that if he doesn't need the win, it sounds like he's been managing his team pretty well imo

    • I'm going against the flow a bit here, but good sportsmanship dictates that you field the best team possible each and every week. Throwing a match, whether by 1 point or by an entire roster is frowned upon by any serious FF competitor.

      What if you had been the manager who got screwed out of a playoff spot just because someone else wanted to play 'good strategy' and rig the playoff match up to suit themselves?

      I wouldn't do it myself, even knowing it was "good strategy", because the manager I screwed out of a playoff spot wouldn't want to play in the same league I'm in ever again.

      I'm curious if karma comes to bite the owner in question.

    • I agree with most, NOT cheating- actually a good strategy- I contemplated doing the same but I did not want it to bite me in the butt... Bri

    • Unless he actually broke a rule..then its not "Illegal". Its a douche, asshole move especially if it cheated someone else out of a playoff spot and you dont do that shit.

      I would personally make it clear to him that, since he intentionally benched players and left a RB and WR position blank, in order to play the weaker team, which caused one player to miss out on the playoffs and money, he should be forced to leave 1 RB and 1 WR position open again in his playoff game.

      Thats a bullshit move, and he should pay for it. If he does end up winning money. He should also pay back the guy he cheated out, his dues or whatever it cost to play in the money league. If he refuses then he forfeits the pot if his team wins.

    • Whats a senor?

    • They do it in actual football, they can do it in fantasy to. Good move by him if he gets better seeding out of it. Just be happy he didn't add more teams to the playoffs like my GM did last year

    • Please stop crying about it. Unless he edited someone elses team or changed the point totals or something where he used his commissioner powers to screw someone over, he didn't do anything wrong. It's called strategy.

    • grow up, no way it's cheating.

    • I had a similar situation happen to me but the player played to win which think was good sportsmanship on his part. As it was, I still got knocked out of the playoffs but its nice to have a chance to get in. Oh well on to next year.

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