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    Keeper League Advice...

    I've been thinking about this all morning and was looking for some opinions. I took over a team in the keeper league I am in a couple weeks ago. My team is out of the playoffs completely so it's time to just prepare for next season. It is a 14 team league and currently my team is in 12th. The upside to this is the draft order for next year! We all keep 6 players and after making a couple trades since I took over to gear myself for next year my 6 keepers are looking pretty damn nice.

    Eli Manning
    Greg Jennings
    Larry Fitzgerald
    Adrian Peterson
    Steven Jackson
    Jimmy Graham


    Anyway, in this weekends match-up I thought about tanking the game to have a better draft order. My trying to lose hasn't worked out, lol, and right now I am losing by 5 points. I have Vincent Jackson playing tonight while my opponent is done. If I lose the game I will have the 3rd pick in the draft, while if I win it looks like I will drop to 7th.

    We run QB, WR, WR, WR, TE, Flex, K, Def

    The only reason I am even thinking about this is because since we all keep 6 players the draft pool will already be watered down, so if I have the 3rd pick then I get a good player but then have to wait another 22 picks to get my second player. If I win and drop to the 7th pick it becomes a more balanced draft order.

    Should I tank the game to keep the higher draft pick? lol...

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