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  • Jerry K. Jerry K. Nov 6, 2011 12:12 AM Flag

    I got screwed by the Commish!

    I traded away Hillis earlier this week for Lloyd straight up. The team I traded with was hurting at RB but was stacked at WR. The word earlier in the week was Hillis was likely to be back. 2 days after the trade was agreed upon the Commish vetos it because Hillis had a setback in practice. Said the trade was unfair. (side note: I'm the newbie to the league and the commish is buddies with the guy who I traded with.)

    I realize that if Hillis had a setback that it was a bad deal for the other guy but why the heck do you think I was trading him? If Lloyd had got hurt in practice or on Sunday after the trade was done, the commish wouldn't have done crap. BS!

    Am I wrong for being pissed?

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