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  • Geoff B Geoff B Nov 3, 2011 10:38 PM Flag

    Fantasy questions? Ask me

    I'm in a 12 team Keeper PPR league. Its a two qb league with a flex position. We are able to keep 3 players for next year, the rest go back into the draft pool. Whoever we choose to keep, we then lose the draft pick we used on them in next years draft. If we keep a free agent player we picked up we lose a 17th round pick in next years draft.

    Which 3 do you think I should keep as of right now? (I put the draft pick we will lose in brackets):

    Romo (1st)
    Fitzy (5th)
    Austin (3rd)
    Fitzgerald (4th)
    DHB (17th)
    Sproles (17th)
    Murray (17th)
    Dickson (17th)
    F. Jackson (7th)
    MJD (2nd)
    Beck (17th)
    Battle (17th)
    L. Moore (17th)
    Burleson (13th)
    J. Baldwin (17th)
    Gostkowski (17th)
    Houston (17th)

    What are your thoughts?

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    • Definately keep Jackson for a 7th. Then since it is a 2 QB league, I think I'd keep the 2 QB's since you have 2 top 12 QB's and you are losing whichever one you throw back most likely. MJD, Fitzgerald, and Austin are great players, but you can get guys like them back in the draft next year. Most people won't have a 2nd rounder and you will. Therefore you should have a top 3 pick.

    • fred jackson, sproles and fitz. Fred is signing a new contract with bills, so he is there to stay, and the way he is playing this year, they will depend on him for a long time. sproles, he's the man, and hes a free agent add on, keep him for sure, there is way too much upside. And fitzgerald, he is bound to have a far better season next year than what he has had thus far, he is too good to ever get rid of


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