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  • Big Rizzle Big Rizzle Oct 27, 2011 5:18 PM Flag


    Ok so I am trading
    Owen Daniels
    Jonathon Stewart
    Jackie Battle
    Nate Washington
    DeSean Jackson
    Aaron Hernandez
    Ryan Torain
    Keiland Williams (I think he just threw it in there so he didn't have to drop anyone bc I view this as a three person trade for four)

    What do you guys think? The projections say thats a good season and point differiantle but I am just concerned with losing Daniels, sure Hernandez is a beast but there are so many weapons and they have an incredible other TE and finally WR Andre Johnson is back, on the other hand I have Ray Rice D Murray L Blount and Felix Jones so I think I am set at RB and I have Nicks S Johnson already at WR with S Rice being benched. I think this was a good move because only one guy I traded is from my starting line up and I am getting two starters with no byes left....what do you guys think I accepted it

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    • u def win like u said johnson is back and hernandez will always do good because of tom brady and with hightower out for the year u def get the win here plus jackson is the best player in the trade

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      • Just thought Daniels would have a better year and he is heating up but with Brady throwing I have a ton more trust in him,....Jackson also probably will be the best as they pass so much and He is going to emerge again

      • LOL yeah thats what I was thinking, I mean I am giving up 3 bench players that are fill ins at best for two studs and possibly 3. And with me relying on Detroit, I hope they win lol I may see what WIlliams is made of but who should I pick up for QB this week? I was thinking John Beck because all that is available and viable in my league remains him and Alex Smith, TCrap

    • Thanks that is what I am thinking but it is hard just because I wanted to keep Daniels since we can run a two TE set but I think I have enough depth at RB and finally at WR because I still have Demarious Thomas as my sleeper and will prob pick up Beck or Smith at QB or something just in case Stafford does not play but the projections said I would gain 70 points or something over the season so even though I hate Shan's I might have to pick up Roy Helu but this I think is a good trade for me. Hernandez isn't going to block like Daniels and Torain may break out and I finally have a spot to dump Williams and pick up Jake Ballard because I think he might do something

    • yes i would


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