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  • Justin Justin Oct 20, 2011 8:00 PM Flag

    Wide Receivers pick 2!!

    I need to start 2 of these guys in my 1 point PPR leaguee:
    Boldin, Baldwin, Harvin, and Walter. What do you guys think??

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    • boldin and harvin...

      help with this please. i have 3 wr spots 2 rb spots on te spot 1 rb/wr flex and one te/wr flex spots

      i have welker, lloyd, marshall for wr
      mendenhall and gore for rb
      grankowski for te
      holms for wr/te
      and deangelo williams/nate washington (i switch) for wr/rb

      someone offered me bradshaw and dallas clark for wes welker...
      should i take it? i dont want to due to grankowski but they also have jone-drew and turner. i kinda wanna get rid of welker for something big...... WHAT SHOULD I TRY TO DO? maybe a star rb and semi good wr?

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      • i wouldnt get rid of welker for anyone right now him. Brady doesnt even have to call a play he just knows where welker will be expect another 90 receptions so if its a ppr league hes a must keep

      • You have to think about it in terms of total net pts for your team. If you get rid of Welker and replace him with a different WR then that WR will likely give you N less pts each week. You have to make sure that the new players that you have to start at each position will more than make up those N lost pts.

        The trade for Bradshaw and Clark likely wouldn't do it. You'd have to decide who to start between those 3 RBs each week (Mendenhall, Gore, Bradshaw) and Bradshaw may end up sitting on your bench and not gain you anything. Same with Clark vs. Gronk. So you end up losing all of the Welker minus other WR pts.

        I didn't look close enough at depth, bye weeks, etc. though. Something else to consider. Sometimes it can be worth it if you pick up that 3rd RB to win you two bye weeks.

      • If you trade welker you can do better than that deal I think. Next week Jacobs comes back and that hurts Bradshaws goal line carries. You could trade Welker straight up for a Ryan Matthews, McCoy, type back.

      • Im a Welker owner and im not trading him for anybody... But thats just me !!

    • I will answer yours if you post here


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