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  • Andy Andy Oct 12, 2011 7:08 PM Flag

    trade help needed

    I am in a standard 10 team league and was offered this trade. Should I do it? I think so but not sure if I am giving up too much.

    I get Brees, Steve Smith, and Jonathon Stewart
    I give up Rivers, Desean Jackson, Torrain, and Hightower

    My starters would be
    Colston or Boldin
    V. Davis

    My bench would be depleted pretty much though. Should I do it?

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    • Anyone else with comments?

    • You upgrade in your QB to one of the best in the league, always, you upgrade your WR (assuming its the Smith from Carolina and he's not trying to pull a fast one on someone who's not paying attention), and the Redskins running backs your giving up, well, they're Redskins. I think you win this trade, and I would do it if it were my team. For your running backs, you already have Ray Rice and Ahmad Bradshaw. You already have Wes Welker, so pretty soon if you accept this, you'll have one of those juggernaut teams.

    • No Way. Rivers will be top 5 in scoring QB.....Djax is da man (even though he has had a week or 2 off so far this year).....I say stick with them.

    • Thanks. Not sure what to do. I'm getting mixed reactions from different people on different boards. Some say do it because the Washington RB's are wishy washy and Brees and Smith will get more points that Rivers and Jackson whereas others say don't do it for different reasons. Ugg...can't make up mind...thanks for all the help. It has given me things to think about.

    • i would do it just bc even though Gates is coming back with his injury and his previous injuries it will be a week to week thing and he probably won't be available a lot and Brees and Smith are lighting it up right now and with welker u can afford to be without hightower and torain. If you can take JS out and keep torain, im betting he will take over the start position at WAS

    • You up grade at QB and WR. I would do it depeding on your record. if you have a bad record and dont make it throught the bye weeks then it would be pointless.

    • I like Rivers, DJax and Torain. Rivers is a second half performer and Gates is coming back soon. Djax is inconsistent but the Eagles have too much talent to be this bad. Shanahan rb's are risky but Torain or Hightower will get hurt and the other will assume the majority of the carries. Jonathan Stewart will be losing some of the load with D'Angelo havin himself a game last week and being the PPR guy he is.

    • NO NO NO


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